Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Playdough Party!

Our little bug isn't quite three yet, but we celebrated early on Saturday. With so many birthdays in June, including the new baby, we wanted to make sure Sophie had her own special celebration. After her dance recital (yeah, we like to torture ourselves by doing multiple big events on one day), we invited the neighbor kids that are her age along with a couple of dance friends as well as their parents and siblings. Sophie specifically requested a Playdough theme party, which challenged my party-throwing prowess, but I think we made it happen for her.

A silly face is a great way to start an event; I think she's already campaigning for "Class Clown."

Our Ed (Michael's Dad) came over early to pull set-up duty, with a big smile on his face. I wonder how many inflatables he's blown up in his lifetime? And how many more he'll be recruited to do?

Ri, the closest thing Soph will ever have to a brother, must've said something hilarious.

Lukie, who would prefer to be referred to as "Big Boy." He's one of Sophie's classmates at church, part of group all born within just a few months of each other. He gave Sophie her first Barbie doll, a princess, because last week he told his mom: "Sophie's not a girl. She's a princess!"

I love this shot of Claire and Kate S. drinking from the Slip 'n' Slide!

We invite the Howells to stuff just to up our "beautiful people" quotient. They're nice, too, I guess.

Kate S. chose a party hat that perfectly matched her suit.

The kids gather around the throne for cake and present time!

Make a wish!

I just had to capture Claire's cheetoh fingers (and face)! We did a pretty good job of filling everyone's kids up with junk: soda, chips, cake & ice cream...

The Jacobsen boys look serious, but they were actually playing silly.

My mom came down from Idaho, and thrilled Sophie with Tinkerbell dress-ups.

Liz and Kate R. at the Playdough table, set up with lots of tools for creating works of art from the big batches of bright Playdough that Michael's sister made. The kids really loved this activity, and each took home a jarful as a party favor.


I'm lucky my husband likes to entertain like I do, and we each have specific roles we like to fill. He was the master griller, flipping burgers and hot dogs all day. He even created his own chimichurri (sp?) grilling sauce, inspired from his mission in Argentina.

For activities, we like to keep our summer backyard parties pretty free-for-all. Of course, we had the Playdough table as part of our theme. We also had an inflatable kiddie pool/slide and a Slip 'n' Slide, plus the kids kind of unleashed on the playground. I'm pretty sure nobody was bored...

While Michael manages the food, I like to do the decor. But yeah, how do you decorate around Playdough? I finally picked six clashy funky patterned papers and picked up rolls of tulle and ribbon in the basic Playdough colors and incorporated them into her invites and the rest. We put a sign on the front door, so everyone just arrived around back. Kept the house tidy that way, too. We keep the sign around all summer, so when we're spending our lazy afternoons out back, we don't have to worry about answering the doorbell.

Ok, so I bought multi-colored party hats at Zurchers, then embellished with coordinating paper and ribbon. I wasn't sure the kids would even wear them, but they loved them! I'll have to remember that.

I had some leftovers, so I took the labels off the waters and replaced them with strips of the funky paper. Super easy, kinda cute.

THE FINALE: The kid zonked out after a busy Super Sophie Saturday.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Dang! After each sentence you should have added the following. "We had a slip and slide, and I was 9 months pregnant. There was a play-dough table, and I was 9 months pregnant." You get the idea. You are amazing.
I still ADORE her swim suit. If they made it in me-size I would buy two. With her hair pulled back she looked very St.Tropez.

The King family said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all! You really are a party girl Allison!

Celeste said...

You are the genius of the universe.