Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Tiny Dancer

Sophie had her final dance recital on Saturday, with a patriotic theme. She did both a tap and ballet routine. Luckily, she has a big fan club: Grandma Peggy came down from Idaho, and was joined by Great Grandma Arlene. She was also thrilled to have Michael's parents there, and Scott/Gina/Ririe.

Miss Julie did it again! At one moment I thought "Am I really sitting on a bench in an elementary school cafeteria multipurpose room watching other people's kids flit around to Bette Midler's 'From a Distance?'" Many more years to come...

Thank you hugs for Miss Julie.

Sophie was lucky to have some fun friends in class with her: she loves Ginger, Gretta and Claire (Edie, too, but she couldn't make it to the recital).

The girls stand at "attention," Sophie's favorite part of the tap number. She also loved "at ease," and often orders around with the same commands.

Using daddy's equipment to watch the older girls.

A few pictures from class. Miss Julie always started her class with a little song: "I'm calling all my dancers, all my little dancers. Its dancing time!" Then she calls each girl out by name, which makes them feel so special.

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Katie said...

Scene stealer! Too cute!

I love the shot of her peering into the camera lens - I see KBYU in her future.