Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As mentioned in previous posts, my hubby is going like gangbusters on our yard. He has reconstructed planting beds around the perimeter of our new fence, created a little stone path on the side of our home, built an entire play area filled with rubber bark and moved our playset back. Oh yeah, and he's completely redone the sprinkler system in the back and filled in our grass. Yesterday he spent the holiday powerwashing our patio and furniture and BBQ so we can enjoy outdoor summer dining. Kinda my hero. But I'm not bragging. Or am I?

A few weeks ago, as Michael worked on a retaining wall for the playset, Sophie decided to make it a spectator sport. She got all set up with blankets, her princess pillow, a sippy cup and, of course, sunglasses.

Also previously mentioned, I'm still learning how to garden. I'm not good for much this season, as the girth around my waist prevents much bending and pruning and planting. However, I picked a little corner last season to experiment with bulbs and such. I'm happy to report that while I have a loooooong way to go, I'm not a complete failure. I didn't kill our little Japanese Maple seedling and other stuff actually sprouted out of the ground. Now, what to do with the other .249 acres...

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The King family said...

Love the pictures of Sophie all decked out watching her dad in the backyard! Too funny!