Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love Languages

Ever read that book about the five love languages? It has been a while for me but basically, everyone expresses (and feels) love through a specific code like physical affection, words, acts of service, gifts and/or quality time. I think the key the author is getting at is that in order to help your partner (or anyone you interact with) feel loved, you can determine their love language and express love in that way. If your boyfriend is a words guy, send him notes and tell him "I love you" often. Blablabla.

So I think I figured out Michael's love language, and it ain't one of those five. I believe how one treats his CAR directly sends him a love message. If you know my husband, raise your hand if you agree. Ok, I rest my case.

His sparkly gold 4Runner gets detailed and washed often at a special place. He keeps a blanket in the back to cover his golf clubs or any other such cargo so that it won't make unnecessary contact with the edges of the trunk. He'll circle a parking lot for as long as it takes to find just the right parking conditions (preferably an edge, never between two cars or the potential thereof) . He balks at the idea of putting kids in the car; forget about eating or drinking. In fact, I don't think I actually drove his baby for the first six months we had it. He's really nice about it, he just doesn't want the car defiled. It is his "man cave," I guess. And luckily, he has relaxed his policies quite a bit.

Still, we've learned how much this car means to him. A few weeks ago, the kiddo came home from a library program on families with a picture she drew of her own family; the rough crayon drawing included scribbles of Mommy and Daddy and Sophie and Baby Sister and... Daddy's Car.

Here's where the love language comes in: when driving his car, I've adapted to his standards in order to express my love. On a recent outing with the vehicle, I documented just how much I care by emailing him photos of the superawesome miracle parking spots I found. I mean, seriously... an edge next to a handicapped? Doesn't get better. And a semi-empty lot by a school bus parked perpendicular? I'm the best. I'm telling you, it did more good than any love letter or supersmacker kiss might. Well, maybe not the supersmacker kiss...

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Larson Love said...

HA HA!! That is so funny!!!! He sure does take good care of his things, especially his car. You make me smile!