Monday, May 4, 2009


Update for Maternity Support Team: Stand Down. Through the noble efforts of one Marianne Howell Firth, hero to many and friend to all, BYU Ranch Dressing was acquired. Life is happier now.

If anyone out there is traveling from Provo to Salt Lake City this week, I'm begging you to pick me up one of those baby jugs of BYU ranch dressing from the Creamery. I know, ridiculous, right? But yeah, I'm serious... call me.

Luckily, my other cravings are a little more accessible and usually well stocked in my fridge: strawberries (preferably sprinkled lightly with sugar), pineapple, and those little individual Baby Bell Light cheeses.

No hankerings for pickles with ice cream or laundry detergent.


Laurel said...

Oh sad I was just in Utah County and would have been happy to grab this for you - No idea where the Creamery is, but I could find it.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I can totally get some to you. Either I will be heading up to SLC soon, or I can always get it as far as Tom & Jenni's. I'll give you a call when I pick some up.