Friday, April 10, 2009

YW Stuff

In our ward (translation: Mormon congregation, organized by area or neighborhood)I work with the Young Women (translation: YW is the group of girls ages 12-18 that meet each Sunday for special lessons and each Wednesday evening for wholesome activities), specifically the Beehives (translation: 12/13 year olds)! They're energetic (translation: crazy!) and I love them! We've recently had some cool opportunities for combined activities with the boys...

We toured the factory of V Chocolates, superyummy. The owner showed us around, then pulled a Santa Claus and announced the kids could eat anything there! Wahoo!

V Chocolate buyers, don't worry. The dipped strawberries below didn't make it to stores for the general public. The kids ate every one they made!

Another activity was the chance of a lifetime. Through the connections of a ward member, we were invited to a local temple that is still under construction. After a brief tour, we were asked to help assemble the massive chandeliers by hanging delicate crystals. It was a little nerve-wracking, but a special experience for certain.

Lastly, this is for Viv and Amy. A couple of weeks ago, they asked me about crafts we've done and I was so distracted with little Soph that I didn't have much of a reply. BUT, here's our all-time favorite. We got military sized Books of Mormon from the Distribution Center, then used a template (I'll get it to you if you want it, or you can kinda figure it out) to cover the books with cute scrapbook paper. We embellished with a ribbon that velcro'ed in front and added a flower with a brad. The girls love them so much that when a new girl arrives, she begs for one. The great thing is, they love carrying them around! Plus, when I teach a lesson, instead of handouts, I put quotes and scriptures on itty bitty embellished bookmarks that they keep inside. Would make for a fun camp craft.

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Joni Marie Marshall said...

hey AL, I'd love the template if it is something I can get from you. They are so cute...I'm in YW too and would LOVE to do're one of my crafty heroes =) I'll always remember you making me an angel costume for work =)