Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Guys

Kiddo loves to be outside while we're working on our yard. Ok, it is mostly Michael working outside but that's irrelevant to this particular post. She's a rugged dirt-crumbler and mud-squisher and rock-climber, which makes me busy with cleanup but also very proud.

Yesterday, I had some white and orange pansies to plant out front (I seriously need to learn how to garden in the Utah soil and climate), so I invited Sophie to join me. To keep her engaged, I called her to my side when I discovered a little worm. She was fascinated! I was surprised when she asked to hold it, and then totally entertained as she took her little worm on a garden tour, showing him/her/it "her tulips."

"Does your worm have a name?" I asked.
"Um, yeah. Little Guy," she replied. How cute!

She fed Little Guy some dirt and made him a little "home" in an empty pansy carton. It didn't take long, however, for Little Guy to disappear (how do they do that?), and she came to me very disappointed. "I sad," she announced. So I found her another worm, which she immediately named Little Guy. When she told me Little Guy needed a friend, I found one for him/her/it. By evening's end, I planted about a dozen pansies and produced approximately six friends for Little Guy (#2), each also named Little Guy.

Today she wanted to go outside for more Little Guys. I limited her to two this time. She carried them around and sang them songs and told them stories. She found them a stick to wiggle on and a leaf to explore. Though she was quite gently and never squeezed them to gutt-age, I did worry about their welfare a few times. Then I vaguely remembered a high school biology lesson about how hes/shes/its don't actually have feelings.

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dana said...

Oh that is so cute.
She is adorable.