Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny, Or Maybe I Just Think So

My husband says funny (and slightly sarcastic) junk all the time. I usually can't remember them, but here are a few recents (not necessarily the most funny, just the newest):

#1: Something Stinks

Me (smiling gaily to hide the toil of trying to meet my new domestic diva goddess goal of getting a not-straight-from-the-can dinner on the table by 6pm as often as possible): Ah, welcome home, sweet darling!

Mister (with wrinkled nose): Something stinks. (sniff, sniff) Seriously, what is that horrible stench?

Me: Um, your dinner.

#2: The Only Time He's Ever Seen a Glimpse of Our Blog

Mister: Why is there a picture of your sister with a dead animal on our blog?

Me (keeping it simple): For this little essay on sisterhood that I wrote.

Mister: Can you do a little post thingy that says "Michael Hansen does not condone the killing of helpless animals?"


Janie said...

LOL! Great post Allison! What was his response when you said the stinky smell was coming from his dinner?

Marianne & Clayton said...

Duly noted Michael. Don't you hate that they don't keep up on what we post about our lives? Clayton only briefly scans to find his name. Seriously, if he's not mentioned, he doesn't see it.

Joni Marie Marshall said...

LOL! I think Michael is funny!