Sunday, February 22, 2009

Series of GR/D-ate Nights

Don't expect pictures. I didn't take any.

THURSDAY: Mister and I caught the Broadway on Tour 30th Anniversary of "Ain't Misbehaving" while it was in town, featuring Ruben Studdard. Good music, all lounge-y. Just nice to be out. Not much before or after, due to having a neighborhood babysitter on a school night but I'm not complaining about having a couple of hours in the dark holding hands with the hottest guy ever.

Tangent: I particularly appreciated the nobility of my husband for taking me to a show headlining a man I once kissed, only once threatening to beat him up. Ok, let me explain for those of you who weren't at my bachelorette party four years ago: In Los Angeles, the hens and I celebrated my engagement with a dinner night at The Grand Lux, my favorite restaurant with dreamy order-ahead molten chocolate cake and cushy purple velvet booths. Speaking of booths, we spotted Ruben and his bros at the table next to us. You know how things go at Silly Mormon Girl Bachelorette Parties... feeling brave all decked out in my light-up tiara veil, we invited the guys to do something goofy at our table. That followed with a dare by their crew for me to sidle up next to Ruben and make a memory, which consisted of me pecking the Velvet Teddy Bear on the cheek long enough for a snapshot. Not even sure we spoke. Yup, that's it. I kissed Ruben.

FRIDAY: We've been trying for years to get out for Salt Lake City's monthly Gallery Stroll, one night a month in which local art galleries stay open late to display special pieces and host the artists. So I thought this weekend was finally our opportunity. We went as a family, and Sophie was actually doing really well keeping her arms folded and mimicking Mommy staring thoughtfully at paintings. Unfortunately, five minutes later, she got a little too close to a sculpture which resulted in the nearby artist needlessly gasping about having a two year old at an art show so we hastily left, a little embarrassed.

After a moment in the car, Daddy put himself in Kiddo's shoes and had an epiphany. "Wait a minute," he says. "Why would we take a toddler to a dumb art show? She just wants to run around anyway. I have a better idea." We ended up at the mall, of all places, where Sophie spent about an hour "riding" the coin machine rides (actually, she doesn't know they move yet, so we didn't even have to put quarters in! Please don't tell her). With a pit stop at Mrs. Fields and a late dinner at a joint that gives free ice cream cones, our family had the greatest date night ever.

SATURDAY: Oh wait, Saturday I bought a garbage can.

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