Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Recent Articles

Here are links to two of my most recent Wasatch Woman articles.

The first is a religion piece I pored over for quite some time, personal highlights of six Utah women of various faiths. The goal was to provide a personal snapshot of these women, thus showing that despite our theological differences, we have much in common as members of the female race. Not only did I learn from some inspirational, diverse women, my own faith was strengthened. There were moments as I created this piece that I truly felt its success was beyond my own efforts.

My article in the current issue is a big departure, and also a lot of work. With the help of my husband and the magazine's food editor, we created an intimate Sundance-themed dinner party. The food was awesome, and I was surprised at how much the guests loved working the red carpet. It was a looooong night! If you get a hard copy of the magazine, I think my bio and photo will will be included again on the contributor page.

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dana said...

Liz Lemon? A guess there could be one out there.
Cool articles.