Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miso Happy

Someone please explain to me why a pregnant woman (er, me) with wicked morning sickness can't stand the smell of plain noodles or the grocery store produce department or sometimes even dry toast, yet she/I has/have been dreaming about strictly-forbidden-during-pregnancy sushi since the day I suspected I might possibly be expecting???

Though Round #2 of baby-carrying is better than last time, there are days I can't even keep water down (not playing the sympathy card, just providing information).  I weighed myself this morning, and because I'm starting to "show" and I gained some appetite over the holidays, I guessed that I'd packed on a few.  I was nearly 10 pounds lighter than I expected.  Still... I can't get little rolls of sticky rice outta my mind!

So I did a little research (those of you who know me are not surprised), and discovered basically that sushi is okay during pregnancy if everything is fully cooked and the fish is low in mercury.  Tonight my dilemma was solved, thanks to a Park City Roll (hold the sprouts) and Miso Soup from a local, highly reputable Japanese place.  We'll see how it goes, but right now I'm pretty pleased.  And I probably don't need anymore sushi this term.

More happiness today...  my Mister is home!  He went for four days to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans to cheer his BCS-busting Utes to an upsetting victory over Alabama.  Because he partied (MoStyle) all night, he crashed for four hours today!  And because Kiddo and I spent the last four days cleaning, getting lost in Nordstrom (really scary), and breaking a two-year molar all without the help of Daddy, we crashed too.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Good for you! I say that because I have indulged twice already in the sushi department. Ya- people think it is up there with smoking and it is SO not the case. Basically it is the same risk as eating a Subway sandwich. Listeria? Possible, but highly unlikely at a good place. I think we need to spread the good word.

JenSwen said...

I love your title. :) Plus your post is encouraging pregnant rebels like me come out of the closet, which is always a healthy thing, right? I've eaten sushi a couple of times too - I really don't think it's a risk when prepared with proper food sanitation practices.

I hope your morning sickness goes away soon.

LaLona said...

Although I am super sad that you are sick, I am super jealous of what your scale said. Mine said I was about 10 pounds MORE than I was hoping... I wish I craved sushi the same way I crave cookies and ice cream... This round I look about like I did at week 30, but I am only at week 14...