Monday, December 1, 2008


This Thanksgiving, we really wanted a low-key day. While Mr. slept off his vicious virus all morning, Soph and I watched the Macy's Parade in our jammers. I thought she was a little young to appreciate the parade (after all, there isn't any animation), but she ATE IT UP! She loved the big balloons and the singing (er, really terrible lip-syncing) and SANTA! She does a wicked Rockette kick now, too, suprisingly unprompted by Mom.

We shook Dad awake at 1pm and headed to his parents' home for a PERFECTLY traditional yet casual Thanksgiving with just the five of us. Myra made all the food (I still can't bear to cook): turkey, all the fixings, and her awesome creamy cranberry jello stuff. Yum!

Post-meal, Sophie randomly and independently wandered into one of her grandparents' spare bedrooms and climbed up on the super-cushy bed and kicked her boots off, all on her own. "I wanna sleep," she told me. Moments later, she was out. She was just no match for the turkey's tryptophan.

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