Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is My Grownup Christmas List

In Amy Grant's (and more recently, Kelly Clarkson's) "Grownup Christmas List," she warbles about what she wants for Christmas now that she's a thoughtful and sensitive adult. Very sweet (shrug). She confesses to Santa that all she really wants for a "world in need" is "No more lives torn apart, and wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts...." There are more really noble and admirable requests on her list, too, like everyone having a friend and stuff like that.

I guess I want all that, too; sounds like a good idea. What else would really be on MY grownup Christmas list? Here are a few thoughts, and much like Amy Grant's list, they're all really great ideas that probably won't come true in my lifetime, but a girl can dream....

1. To be more like the little girl I once was, the one in the picture, excitedly riding my new bouncy horse.

2. A pregnancy with minimal weight gain that produces a newborn that actually sleeps through the night.

3. A day at Burke Williams all by myself, including plenty of time to nap in their "quiet room" and a take-home copy of the secret recipe for their magical milk bubble bath.

4. A way to properly thank and reward my husband for all he does for us.

5. Another one of me, only less moody, who knows how I like my towels folded and where the collander goes in the cupboard, to do the chores while I do fun stuff like play on the swingset with Soph.

6. The ability to communicate more effectively, including the magical power to say "no" to stuff without sounding rude or selfish so I can spend my time doing the most truly important things. (Is this possible?)

7. Less stuff in my house.

8. A horse. And a big field that I can ride it in.

9. A kid who hasn't yet discovered how to take her diaper off by herself. Nevermind, a kid who is potty trained.

10. A commissioned whimsical portrait of my family by artist Melissa Peck.

11. Lots and lots of travel incorporating fun adventures, including but not limited to: African Safari, English Countryside, Japan (with Tom as a translator so I don't order and eat a random unknown animal), The Rainforest of Costa Rica, Argentina.

12. I want all of my friends to live closer to me. For example: Janie and Katie in California would finally buck up and move to anywhere in Utah, Jenni in Highland would make it to Salt Lake County, Kelly and Jenny and Liz already live close enough now that they would have to become my next door neighbors. And my sister would live in my basement.

13. No more "Little Einsteins."

14. Most importantly, to be a better version of myself: More gracious and giving, with more childlike wonder, perfectly organized, with greater spiritual focus and fewer instances of embarrassingly saying the wrong thing.

What would be on YOUR grownup Christmas list?


Katie said...

I had never heard of Burke Williams so I looked it up online, and am now wondering where it has been all my life. Mind if I join you???

It's a beautiful list. If you don't mind, I may copy, paste and send to Santa on my own behalf.

Janie said...

Moving to Utah is on my short list to Santa too. :) Maybe we can get together when I come in town for Christmas???

Marianne & Clayton said...

Here here! Um, a lot of what you said and a whole bunch more. Only more materialistic. Ya- I am just going to blog it out. Thanks Allison!

Jenny said...

on my list? more time with a thoughtful, sincere friend like you. where does all of the time go?

The Raybould Family said...

This is a wonderful adult, grown up list. I'd love to hear you "warble" it sometime. I giggled at number 9 which brought back memories of pint-sized Sophie sitting nakie on our potty. I'm so grateful for number 12 (and we need to take advantage of spur-of-the-moment play dates more often). And couldn't agree more with number 13. That is EXACTLY what I was silently grumbling tonight at 8:00 p.m. as Rocket, in his train form, was climbing the Andes with a load of ice cream for some whoha's birthday party. I'm now going to google Burke Williams and Melissa Peck. Good night and loves to you!