Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank You For My Happy Life, Charlie*

*name has been changed to protect the identity of those involved. And for those of you reading this who might be speculating on Charlie's identity, relax. You're probably wrong...

This Thanksgiving, I forgot to deliberately count all of my blessings. Then, partway through the day, out of NOWHERE, I was reminded of an interaction I had many years ago that may have changed my life forever...

You see, before my fabulous husband, I dated from time to time. Never anything serious. I think the longest I ever dated anyone was two or three months (I'm convinced you know after three months whether something is going somewhere), and that only happened a half of a handful of times.

One particular double-monther was a guy I'll call Charlie*. Can't really recall what I saw in him. I mean, he was nice. Anyway... once he warned me that he had a curse.

"A curse?" I said.
"Yeah," said Charlie*. "I date girls, and then we break up, and I always end up being the last guy she dates before she meets her husband and marries him. You're going to marry the next guy you date."
"Pish posh. You can't be serious."

He was. He even cited several strong examples, ex-girlfriends turned happy brides. Lo and behold, we (amicably) broke up. I forgot about his curse. And I didn't date for quite a long time after that, particularly in Single Girl Years. No, I didn't have "issues." I just couldn't find anyone interesting enough to go out with multiple times.

You can guess the rest of the story. Many moons later, with Charlie* long forgotten, I laid eyes on a Utah boy with rosy pink cheeks and a perfect smile and a commitment to education and a funny little-boyish laugh that wrinkles his nose and makes his whole body shake. We fell in love and married, and now he's the eternal #1 on my Thanksgiving Gratitude list.

But maybe I ought to put Charlie's* Curse on my list somewhere. Somebody ought to make a movie about Charlie's* Curse. After all, my brush with Charlie* may have been the freaky means to a happy end. Maybe you have a Charlie*, too, or some other interaction that may have seemed pointless at the time, but turned into the catalyst that led you to the happiness you feel today.

With all sincerity, I thank Charlie* for my perfect husband and beautiful family and happy life, and hope he finds the same joy (if he hasn't already).


Meg said...

That story is cute. I think you are a great writer! Congrats on baby #2, by the way!

The Raybould Family said...

This is great. I think you should write the screenplay to "Charlie's Curse" and it will be a huge hit. I'd pay good, hard earned money to see it. :)