Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Entertainment

I don't consider myself a sucker for commercialized Christmas. I'm not a super holiday consumer, tossing cash and credit cards at department store clerks calculating their hefty holiday commissions (I used to be one of those, actually). But I do love me some good classic holiday entertainment... is that so wrong?

First, I tune my car radio to 100.3 (All Christmas, All the Time). Between "Silver Bells" and my bum warmer, my errands about town don't seem as chilly and bothersome. Christmas music makes all the difference! Although, side note: I only like the classics... don't the newer Christmas songs seem so sappy and cheesy? I'll take "White Christmas" or even "Ding Dong Merrily on High" over "Christmas Shoes" (for real, did you really meet a kid who wanted to buy his dying mother a pair of shoes?) any day. One exception: Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is Yooooooou Baaaaabay."

I also love the holiday television specials. In fact, I'm LOVING the ABC Family Channel... every night this month, they have kid-friendly Christmas movies, including several classics. My TiVo has been working overtime, recording "The Grinch" (Sophie loves it) and "Polar Express." Check out their schedule, kinda fun. Sometimes Michael and I watch after Sophie's gone down; it is nice to have wholesome entertainment for snuggling.

Also, I'd like to recommend "Fred Claus." Michael and I bought it last week on PPV, and it was money well-spent. I watched it twice, just to pick up on all of Vince Vaughn's fast-talking wit. Knowing it featured Vince, I was nervous about content, but it was rated PG. In fact, even the bad guy limited his expletivity to "heck." My only complaint was Elizabeth Banks in a short skirt and plunging neckline at the snowy North Pole, which didn't seem necessary, but *eh*. Good flick, that's all.

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Helicougar said...

Thanks for the recommendation of Fred Claus! Also, I have to comment on the Christmas shoes thing because I can't take the cheesiness of that song. You know the song writer was just thinking, "Now this will REALLY jerk some tears!"