Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Dance Recital

Sophie passed a big "little girl" milestone recently, with her first dance recital.  Miss Julie's little dancers could wear whatever made them feel most beautiful for this Christmas performance; Sophie wore a Santa top and a homemade red and green tutu.  I predicted she would be too shy to actually perform on stage in front of the several hundred spectators, but I was wrong... she LOVED it!  Like a good mommy, I muscled up to the front and sat on the floor with camera in hand.  At one point, my little girl and I made eye contact, and I think we both felt and saw true joy.  Silly, I know, but I was so proud!  Now, many more recitals to come... 

Little ballerinas:
The tappers attempt to shuffle:
The Fan Club (aunt, uncle, and cousin were there too):
Impromptu performance in the hall:

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The Raybould Family said...

Yay! They were so cute and I'm certain they all felt so special and beutiful! True joy. So glad we could share it with you. See ya Tuesday night for the beta dinner!