Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Activities

Celebrating Christmas with a child is so magical!

First, we took the kiddo and her cousin to Zoo Lights.  After dark, the zoo lights up with a fun Christmas display... and they go all out!  It was freezing, but fun!

Last week, we were treated to The Polar Express aboard the Heber Creeper train with Michael's parents and his sister's family.  Our little girl loved it, from the conductor clicking her ticket to the little elves that delivered hot chocolate!  We followed along, as a reader on the train read from the book; Soph peeked over to her grandparents.  She was even brave enough to participate in the "ho, ho, ho" contest.  One of my favorite parts was watching Michael's dad act like a big kid himself; his face lit up with magic like the little ones!  A visit from Santa capped off the evening, and to be honest, seeing my daughter's joy when she saw him made me a little teary.  

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