Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mission: Mindless Entertainment

I love fall...the temperate weather, the colorful leaves, the corduroy. I also love cozying up next to my hubby on the couch with herbal tea to catch new episodes of fall TV. Michael's covered; he's got NCIS and Burn Notice and he's now tackling ALL of the previous X Files to prep for the movie (nerrrrd). I can actually bear those first two, but I'd really like a show of my own.

I am looking for mindless entertainment...please help me. Thanks to my career, I've got lots of news and special interest programming on my TiVo. Thanks to my child, I'm all caught up on Ratatouille and Star Wars (for real, she loves "D2"). But I'm looking for something easy, something funny and fresh (dare I say "superficial?") that will inspire my wit and wardrobe...I miss Gilmore Girls. This busy mom needs a little bitty escape each week.

Ugly Betty was great, until they started to get all "message"-y, and their messages didn't jive so much with mine. I'm tired of reality TV and talent contests.

This season, I immediately crossed "Gossip Girl" off my list; their ads totally irk me. I tried "90210" tonight; a little, um, scandalous to start but that main chick, Annie, is totally adorable (minus the ruffled socks) and actually has a little discretion (we'll see how long it lasts). I love seeing the streets I used to drive on, still wondering why there aren't any Persians on the show since they basically rule the zip code? I'm not quite ready to commit to that one, but it is in the running. Tempted by the "Privileged" commercials.

What else is out there that won't jeopardize my prudish reputation, and still give me something to look forward to every week?


dana said...

Project Runway. I can NEVER get enough of that show. Great creations and always some queeny drama.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I became a big fan last year of Pushing Daisies. It's cute and fluffy without being too much. If you miss a week, your not out of the loop like Heroes. Plus I love Kristen Chenowith, however some people really dislike her. She's either or. Chuck is also a fun show. What can I say, I love a nerdy male lead.
P.S. I agree with Project Runway, along with Sheer Genius and Top Chef, but alas, I don't get Bravo. I can only catch these on overnights. Darn Utah cable.

Allison Hansen said...

I love Kristen Chenowith! I've heard Pushing Daisies is awesome, maybe I'll give it a shot!