Friday, September 5, 2008


Sophie independently learned how to turn on our camera and snap pics, just as grownups do. So this morning she ran around our entertainment room shouting "cheese!" and taking like a hundred pictures of Nemo on the flatscreen. In retaliation, I took her picture, just as the flash went off!

Isn't it funny how kids mimic what they see (the good and bad), even when we don't recognize it ourselves? One of my favorite kid stories of all time is when I went to interview a family in small-town Utah. They were so excited to have a television crew at their home, and had made sure that everything was joyfully and peacefully perfect...from the picture of Christ in the entry to President Hinckley quotes symmetrically aligned on the fridge. After a charming interview, their little baby girl waved to us and yelled "Bye, Jack-A**es!" I think those parents died of mortification that day...

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Celeste said...

a few weeks ago i was trying to practice my head to toe physical on my friends three year old daugher. I looked in her ears and asked her "oh my, did your mom clean your ears today?" She replied no she cleaned them yesterday. To reward her for her patience I allowed her to look in my ears. Word for word without skipping a beat she looked in my ear and said, "oh my, did your mom clean your ears this morning?" I love the little ones. Free entertainment and a free reminder of who is watching our actions and listening to our words. This picture reminds me of ET.