Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Whenever Michael yells "Are you ready for some foooootbaaaaall?!", Sophie yells "Yeah!" and throws her hands in the air.

So we kicked it off this season with a weekend o' football. First, we hit a couple of quarters of Lone Peak v. Timpview High...didn't see much of the game, but got to see Cousin Mimi cheer as one of the head seniors. We went with Cousin Allie, and ran into cousins Kaylie and Stephanie and Casey there. When I'm at a high school football game, with kids flirting and parents wearing their kid's number, it feels like a cozy community, a small town. I love it!

Me and Steph. Mimi is cheering in the background, but I can't tell which one she is (the cute one).

Daddies and Daughters: Tom and Allie with Michael and Sophie.

In keeping with the football theme this weekend, we watched BYU beat Washington on television. Then we suited up for Utah's first home game of the year. They totally spanked UNLV.

Sophie with Hansen Grandparents, who keep her entertained in the seats right next to ours.

Sophie with Daddy's binoculars, but I'm not sure she actually figured out how they work.

Ok, who votes that my husband has already turned into a 60-year old man? Here he is with the game on his headphones, grasping his binoculars, and the Utah Depth Chart (what is that anyway?) in his lap. Oh, he's so cute!

Since we're on the subject of football, and both BYU and Utah (rrrrg, bitter rivals) have been mentioned in this post, I feel I should explain my position. Most of you know I'm a proud BYU grad...I love BYU, I love the Cougars. Alas, the most perfect man in the world (Michael) happens to be a rabid U fan. So, for the love of my lover and the peace of my family, I cheer for both teams. Some may say this is impossible, disloyal, even schizo. But it is true, I really do want both teams to be victorious. I wear blue and I wear red. I want everyone to be happy, Bronco and Kyle. The only day out of the year that I must choose one over the other is the day they play each other, and on that day I stay home and watch the game by myself on tv and cheer for my BYU while my husband, clad in blood red, goes to cheer for the Utes. We usually bicker when he gets home. Then we go to bed and wake up the next day and I renew my hope that we can all be winners...


Janie said...

Great shots! That one of Michael with his headphones in is hilarious! I'm with you on the BYU/U split with the husband. :)I've been there in your basement while BYU beat Utah and I must say it was a blast as we screamed when BYU pulled it out in the last second, while my Ute husband sat glumly staring at the tv...

JENNILLE said...

Hey Allison,
This is Erik Isakson here. Love reading your blog. Ok, I think I need to coach you again here. Its ok to support your husband but I think you need to take a more neutral approach on cheering for the Utes. The Utes winning is good for the state and good for the conference but lets not go overboard. Tell your hubby congrats after the Utes win but no need to cheer....or wear red for that matter. I know its a tough situation and I wish you the best. Yes, I've watched games with Mike and he is one true fan for sure. Props to him for that. Go Cougs! By the way, I attended the BYU game in Seattle. Wow, that was crazy! Hope you guys are doing well!