Saturday, August 30, 2008


This weekend, Sophie's daddy is in Michigan for the University of Utah football game (they won!). And Allie's daddy was overnighting in SLC for a golf getaway. When planets like that collide, the only result: sleepover!

At the very last second, Sophie and I went down to the Howells' for a girls weekend with Jenni, Allie, and Megan/Mimi. In the same spirit as Hollywood tabloids, Jenni and I named our weekend adventure "Allinni" and/or "Jennison." We indulged in a three hour photo shoot (I'll post pics soon, I'm so excited!) and stayed up late and then they spontaneously accompanied me on a work-play trip to Snowbird Resort. Sophie bit Allie again. And again. And again. Now, we're all exhausted...

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