Monday, August 18, 2008

LaLa Land

A dear friend's wedding was all the excuse I needed to take off for Southern California. I was hoping for an adventure, and I was not disappointed!

THE CAR. Yeah, um, I got this deal online that was a company I hadn't heard of before but it was a couple bucks cheaper than the ol' standbys like Alamo and Hertz. Don't do that. At the airport, they didn't have a booth so one of their "guys" came and picked us up. For safety reasons, I checked with the airport police officer who said it was all on the up and up. This guy pulls up with ghettofabulous music pumping and his cellphone earpiece dialed to his girlfriend. After ten minutes, we pull up to this parking lot that looks like an abandoned used car lot. The guy inside (which also looked abandoned) handed over the keys to our fate...a circa 1999 Toyota Corolla. When we did the walk-around to mark existing damage the guy basically circled the entire diagram of the car. The rest of the weekend with our hot ride was much the same; I drove upright cause I couldn't figure out how to recline the seat and with NO power gadgets we had to roll our windows down by hand. Once when Callie had to ask for directions I about died laughing as she tried to smoothly roll the window so it didn't appear un-powered. Later, we just owned up to it and rolled in time with the music.

THE TRAFFIC. It stunk. I just forgot how bad. In fact, the drive from Los Angeles to San Diego took nearly two hours longer than I expected, so Callie missed her flight home. Too bad, that just meant we had to do more shopping and eat an amazing meal. We were so tired that I practically conked out in my seafood pasta.

THE SHOPPING. I hit some of my favorite shops in Century City and South Coast Plaza (Riginals for kids, Paper Source) and a few new places on Melrose Ave. and the Gaslamp Plaza. My favorite finds were a tie-dyed and rhinestoned tank for Soph and a hooded scarf for moi.

THE FRIENDS. It was so refreshing and therapuetic to visit my old workplace at CBS News. To be greeted with hugs and kisses...that's the best! I caught up with my favorite camera guys and business ladies and my famous "Aunt" Roberta, who immediately wanted to discuss Mitt Romney's chances of being picked for VP.

THE WEDDING. I went to Allison and Dave's intimate ceremony in the San Diego LDS Temple on Saturday morning, and it was beautiful on so many levels. The temple was gorgeous, right up to the indoor skylight atrium filled with a flower garden. The artistic glass windows were phenomenal and inspiring. The ceremony itself was touching and spiritually uplifting, indescribable really. And their reception in the Pacific! The banana yellow and brown decor was so cute, the dinner was divine, and all of the little touches (tables named by their favorite places...I sat at "Disneyland) were great.

Callie (above) and I were so desperate for a picture to capture our adventure, we practically laughed in the face of authority and parked right under a "No Parking" sign and ran as fast as we could to this photo spot. Luckily by the time we sprinted back to our beater rental car, it was still there. Maybe they didn't think it was worth towing...

Allison, my sweet little seminary student, married such a great guy in Dave. Because the San Deigo temple was so extremely busy they got to exit out the beautiful glass front doors.

The beautiful bridesmaids, also my former students: Samantha and Ashley.


Alicia said...

My life is now complete now that you are a blogger. (I'm not kidding.) I've missed you kid! You look fabulous and your little Sophie is a doll.

Miriam Oh said...

Sorry i missed you this weekend!