Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids Camp

Some of neighbor girls (Abby, Kate, Sarah) hosted a Kids Camp this week, and Sophie had a fantastic time of it! Every morning from Monday through Thursday, she joined about thirty other kids aged 2-5 years old for two hours of activities, snacks, and prizes.

Each day had a theme, with corresponding games and crafts and take-homes. Monday, Olympics Day: I showed up during "Closing Ceremonies," each kid got to stand on a podium as they were awarded a medal while Oly theme music played. Tuesday, Fantasy Day: the girls running the camp wore princess dresses and Sophie brought home a crown and wand she made herself. Wednesday, Bug Day: Sophie left with a sucker that had pipe-cleaner spiderlegs and a painted butterfly. Thursday, Beach Day: All the kids were in bathing suits for a day of sprinklers and sand!

When I added it up, Kids Camp was a win-win for everyone. The kids had a BLAST, of course! Plus, the girls made $8 per session per kid, so they learned a lot about running a business. Plus, two hours a day allowed me to get the car washed, pick up dry cleaning, do dishes, and get a pedicure for the first time in six months!

The leaders told me Sophie was particularly interested in all things artistic, especially the painting. She was the youngest at camp, but she looked so old to me as I dropped her off each day and she independently ran, pigtails a-swinging, to play with her new friends.

Her favorite activity.

Receiving her "medal" at closing ceremonies.

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