Monday, August 18, 2008

Beta Weekend

For the last few years, we've invited Michael's Beta buddies up to the Gorge for a cabin weekend. This year, we hosted the Lears (Jon, Kelly, and Baby Mason) and the Olsons (Gardner, Jenny, Will, and Baby Thomas). The weather forecast looked grim, but I think our prayers were answered, because it turned out absolutely fabulous! Still, I couldn't convince anyone to go roast s'mores with me in the firepit out back...I even tried making some in the microwave (just not the same).

We hit the lake for three or four shifts of wakeboarding and skiing (and some tubing), and I finally got up long enough on the wakeskate that I didn't feel like an absolute clown! One afternoon, we took a hike that ended with vista views of the lake. Too bad our supertired kids didn't appreciate it; we ended up carrying them out. Here are a few highlights...

Ok, when my husband is on the water, he's so stinking yeowza!

Yours truly. Don't let my white legs blind you.

Jenny learned how to wakeboard by researching online. She was totally awesome!

Her husband, Gar, shoulda read up.

Jenny and Baby Thomas. He was so chill.

Sophie and Will were little buddies.

The tube came out for moment. Gar took Will on a raucous ride, but Soph wasn't so sure. She sat out there with Michael long enough for me to take a picture.

Soph and Will entertained each other really well at the cabin. So well, in fact, that we had to orchestrate their bedtimes. This is a shot of one of their of the ones that didn't end in crying and bonked heads.

At the end of a fun weekend, the guys pitched in to vacuum. Really, I think Gar was just looking for an excuse to try out our backpack vacuum.

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Jenny said...

i got a good laugh out of this post that picture of gar is hilarious.