Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today was also Sophie's FIRST RODEO!!! We went to the Days of 47 Rodeo, thanks to Callie. Of course, Soph had to wear her new red boots with fringe! Despite the whole bedtime conflict, Sophie watched intensely the WHOLE time. She loved the horsies (neigh-neighs) and cattle (moos) and clowns and laser light show (yes, apparently, rodeos have come a long way). During the calf roping, the only event Mommy really doesn't like, she naively (and luckily) believed the cowboys were "helping" the "baby cows" that "fell down." As the barrel racers galloped down the home stretch, she'd "woohoo" and pump her little arms as if she were at a football game.

Recently, Soph was referred to as a "city kid." It totally freaked me out, cause guess what? It is true; I have a city kid (side note: that's not a bad thing, I just never would have thought). But I think tonight was God's itty bitty way of patting me on the back and telling me not to worry, she's inherited some country too.

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