Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Reason Behind the Blog

I don't care if you're reading this. I sincerely do not mean to be rude, but since you're still here (and I am happy you are)...I'll explain.

First, check out the math. On my profile, you'll see I've had my account since 2006. I was even early enough on the movement, I got my own name, which happens to be pretty darn common. Now, look at how many posts I've made since then. Ummm....

I LOVE blogs. I read yours. I gobble up your latest baby announcements, career updates, and parenting poetry. I love how blogs have connected (and re-connected) us. As a woman who has lived a lot of places and formed friendships from coast to coast, I rely on blogs to maintain those dear relationships. I recently saw video of Laney in San Jose doing her excited dance, and laughed my guts out at the crazy lady making faces behind the Olsons in a vacation photo. I especially love spying on photographers and (non-tacky) crafters to get ideas.

The reality is, though, that I haven't really blogged myself...until now. Maybe it is my own lack of whatever, I just didn't see why anybody would really care to read what I had to say. And maybe you don't.

So, why now?

A few months ago, I was directed to the blog of an acquaintance from Los Angeles. We hadn't kept in touch, but I knew somehow that he was married to this adoreable, spunky girl and they had a baby. Out of curiosity, I read a post about how their little girl Lucy loves Peter Pan and calculated that their Lucy would be about the age of my Sophie. I saw a sweetly natural everyday ordinary shot of little Lucy in her messy high-chair. Then, I read the post that said Lucy had choked on an apple and was in a coma at the hospital. Next, a post about the hope they had as Lucy, their "little fighter," was still out. Finally, a poignant photograph of my friend and his wife embracing each other at their little Lucy's funeral. I hope Vic and Molly realize how beautiful it is that they have their blog, a day to day memory of their little angel. It sure made me realize that I don't. And so, because I cannot get that sweetly natural everyday ordinary shot of little Lucy in her messy high-chair out of my mind, a little girl I never even met, I now blog.

Like I said, I don't care if you read my blog. My posts are for my baby, for my family, for me. This blog will be my place to post sweetly natural everyday ordinary shots of my Soph-arella. This will be my spot to capture the memories and moments of our family, so we don't ever wish we had but never did.

I have buckets of family and friends all over the country (and world), so I'm happy if you come visit the Hansens on our blog. But if you're ever bored, if you think my comments are too ordinary, silly, simple, or cliche...that's okay. I don't.

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