Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get OUT!

It is blazin' hot around here. Sweaty hot. Swamp cooler malfunction hot. This creates a conundrum...we're practically paralyzed with lack of motivation, but desperate to get out and find a breeze or air conditioner or something.

On Friday, we invited Sophie's little friend, Will, to Gardner Village to ride horsies and run around the petting zoo. Actually, the petting zoo was pretty icky, so I was kinda pleased Sophie (for once in her life) wanted to just look and not touch. Sophie picked the squattiest little grey pony to ride, and deep in my heart I was pretty proud when she held on the the saddle and wouldn't let me hold her for safety. She wanted to ride the horsie all by herself, and every morning since, she's asked to "ride horsie, ride horsie."

Saturday morning, we went early to the Farmer's Market downtown and ate breakfast from the booths. It is always soooo busy but so fun! On the way home, I happened to notice these mammoth bounce houses on the lawn of the City and County Building. I paused, looked at my kiddo in the rearview, and pulled into the nearest parking lot without delay. You're only a kid once, after all. Turns out, the Days of 47 kids parade and festival was going on. I knew I had an hour before the naptime meltdown (and parking fees kicked in), so we lived it those 60 minutes, Sophie got her face painted, schmoozed with the queens (our neighbor, Callie), and in a bold Santa-esque move I even bought her cotton candy on the way out. Mother of the Year.

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